Styling & Design Tips For Your Bedroom

Whether your bedroom is large or small make sure you have the basics covered. A bed, nightstands and a place for your clothing. Once you’ve got the essentials you can personalize with bedding, art and accessories. – Spruce Up Stylist, Fiona Kelly of Fiona Finds Furniture Scale Consider furniture proportions and scale when putting your room together. A bed frame can easily make a room … Continue reading Styling & Design Tips For Your Bedroom

Spruce Up Predicts 2020 Trends

Trends from 2019 combined with the what we are forecasting for 2020 have inspired us to coin a design term, Eclectic Minimalism. It is the perfect phrase to characterize a blend of understated design with eclectic details to establish a vibe that is both deliberate and inviting. It’s a style that combines clean modern lines and a stripped down aesthetic with just the right amount … Continue reading Spruce Up Predicts 2020 Trends