Ingrid Fetell Lee & Spruce Up!

Spruce Up is so psyched about this event with Ted Talk superstar Ingrid Fetell Lee. Please join us @ The Riveter on Feb 13th 2019. Tickets still available! Check out Ingrid’s site: The Aesthetics of Joy   and Ingrid’s TED talk that has received more than 2M views: Joymakers Workshop with Author Ingrid Fetell Lee Brought to you by SPRUCE UP, ARMOIRE, THE RIVETER AND SILICON … Continue reading Ingrid Fetell Lee & Spruce Up!

Jojotastic & Spruce Up

This past fall we partnered with Jojotastic to feature some of our preferred brand partners. We let her choose items from our catalogue to create a personalized boutique that would create a cozy living room. All the items fit her quiz results of a “minimalist eclectic”. Take the quiz and get a personalized boutique for your home! Continue reading Jojotastic & Spruce Up