Rifle Paper Co @ Loloi Rugs

Ok, so we just had the pleasure of meeting @annariflebond @Loloirugs while we are #hpmkt2018 this past weekend. Great news! She has designed the most lovely rugs for Loloi & we will share them soon as we get them in our catalogue!

Here is one of Anna’s amazing original paintings.



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Spruce Up Spotlight

@PabloDesignsSF believes that the right lighting can transform any space, and we couldn’t agree more. Founded in San Francisco in 1993, their unique, timeless designs have a less is more sensibility. The Tube Top Pendant shown here is our Modern Minimalist all the way. Love these clean lines? Take our fun and easy quiz (link in profile) to get your Spruce Up style, and ask your stylist to include this pendant in your Spruce Up!



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Layering color & prints.

Layering color and print is an acquired skill, and we love how effortlessly it’s done by @hilarymarconetto in this corner of her home. This room has touches of Mid-Century Modernist and Artful Eclectic aesthetics, and is a great example of how these can layer together to create a cohesive look. Does this room capture your taste?

Take our fun and easy style quiz to find out your Spruce Up style and let our experts help you layer like the pros!

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Research shows…

“Research shows that there is a clear link between our surroundings and our mental health” Ingrid Fetell Lee sheds light on the relationship between our environment and our emotions

17941844-yMuZiafJ.pngWe are totally inspired by @ingridfetell & her new book “Joyful”.

If you haven’t watched her Ted Talk, take a moment – it’s very inspiring. We at Spruce Up are focused on helping you make your home reflect your style and what brings YOU joy.

Come chat with your personal stylist to find just the right things for your home.

Uniquely You: Mid Century Modernist

Mid Century Modern design was driven by the sharp geometric angles, bright colors, and clean modern lines showing up in homes in the 40s-60s. It’s style has proven to be timeless, as it’s undeniable charm and aesthetic has gained popularity in recent years, Mid Century Modernists who feel a connection to that era can get their fix of retro decor without having to seek out expensive collectors items.



You’ll often find wood paneling and furniture in Mid Century Modernists’ homes. Wooden credenzas, table tops, shelving, any expansive surface that can be covered in a high-quality oak or walnut probably will be.


midmod 2

Mid Century Modern furniture tends to have simple, modern lines with emphasized curves and angles. Plain front cabinets, pedestal tables, and organic-shaped seating may line the rooms of a Mid Century Modernist’s house.



Often, Mid Century Modern spaces will have one clear color “mood” or feature decor vignettes that give a space a decisive attitude. Patterned wallpaper and fun lamps that provide lighting to both fit and create an ambiance help to give each room a story.



Bright “retro”-style color came into the spotlight with this style which is why a lot of vibrant, spunky people gravitate toward Mid Century Modern design. Mid Century Modernists make room for chaos and calm.



With flat-lined roofs and expansive walls popping up in architecture around the 60s, furniture and decor became the platform for inventive curvilinears and angularity. Mid Century Modernists today appreciate the playful, organic silhouettes found in Mid Century TV stands, tables, and chairs today.



Mid Century Modernists exercise a lot of restraint in letting their spaces do most of the work and leaving room for their furniture to breathe. Open concept floorplans and conservative decor allow for light to find its way to the center of the space and a feeling of interconnectivity to wash over the whole home.