5 (no-stress) tips for clearing the clutter.

It’s that time of year, a fresh start and time to clean up your life and clear things out!.  It can be a lot of pressure, and yet somehow all the insta influencers seems to have their lives and homes totally in order.  We at Spruce Up are all about finding joy and feeling good in your home – even if it’s not Instagram-able all the time. We celebrate and help real people, in real homes create surroundings that are an authentic reflection of you and your family.  It is not easy to stay on top of clutter and mess in our homes, and there has a been a lot of chat about the KonMari method.

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Marie Kondo, author of “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing” has  a new show on Netflix  called “Tidying Up.”The show is about being mindful in your home and keeping only the things that you feel “spark joy” for you.

We feel the same way here at Spruce Up! Bring on the joy please!

In the first episode, a lovely young family goes through the journey with her to clear out their home. Everything Marie says to them makes total sense. Bags and bags of items leave the house, items are thanked on the way out the door.  Marie is adorable and brilliant. The house ends up clear and clean and the young couple ended up in tears of joy. It was amazing.  After watching the show, however, I have been wondering something…How would a family (without Marie’s help) with two small kids and jobs find a whole month (how long it took on the show) to do this incredibly huge process of touching each item, greeting it, waiting for the spark of joy and then purging it?  

Here are some practical, & realistic tips for learning to love your space and live in a “KonMari-like” tidy home.   You can do these baby steps even with small children, busy work lives, and no extra time on your hands.

Bonus: no stress required.

  1. Adopt the “New Minus Two” rule. Every time you bring something new into your home, put 2 similar things in a bag for donation. This is a very easy way to keep the balance in your home, prevent the clutter in the first place!  Keep a laundry bin or bag in your closet as a holding place for items to donate. I usually keep mine there a month to see if anyone has come looking for the item I have put in there. I drop the items off at the Goodwill after it’s  full. I call this the “new minus two” rule
  2. Pick one room at a time. In the spirit of completing your overall decluttering mission,  pick one room per weekend to de-clutter. Select low-stress weekends that work for you and your family.  It’s ok if clearing out clutter takes a while because it took a while to get there! It’s a hard process, and being kind to yourself is the best way to take steps toward loving your home and the ( messy ) people in it.
  3. Make “tidying up” a daily habit. Every evening, after dinner and before bed,  take 10 mins ( set a timer ) and have everyone go through the common areas and take their things to their rooms, recycle bin or garbage. You will be surprised what 10 min of daily attention does to a space! People of all ages can do this. Get the kids involved, put on a timer and some music and make it fun!
  4. Downsize your drawers. Use a smaller closet or smaller dresser for your clothes. Just like the small plate concept for eating less, this method makes you very  mindful about what you have in your clothing collection. Use the “new minus two” rule that I mentioned in #1. If you bring a new piece in to the closet, donate two old ones!
  5. Find organizational items that bring you joy. Really look around at the areas that have the most clutter in your home and instead of feeling ashamed about it, accept it (and your families quirks) and make a plan to focus on adding a new organizational system to that area. An example of this would be a storage bench, coat tree, new hooks, coffee table with drawers, baskets for toys etc. 

Spruce Up customers have busy lives, love good design, and prefer to buy beautiful things that have lasting quality vs quick fashion items that break down with use. Marie Kondo is right, it is time to feel positive things about our homes, and start learning to honor the spaces around us and all the while treat ourselves with kindness.

I have curated some collections for you based on your personal style to help you organize and tidy your spaces.  The items in these Spruce Ups are from our preferred brand partners, and we are proud to share them with you.

Head to our site , take our free style quiz, and find out your true style. Register and ask for the expanded version of one of these free personalized organizing Spruce Up.!

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Brand Spotlight: Ferm Living

Spruce Up Spotlight: The lovely folks at Ferm Living work with artisans around the world from their base in Copenhagen, fusing their Scandinavian mindset with global skills and traditions. The result is furniture and accessories with a modern sensibility but with unexpected details, and we couldn’t be happier to add them to our list of partners.

Start a Spruce Up today and ask your stylist about Ferm Living products.


Welcome to Spruce Up!

Dear Spruce Up Customers,

Since we announced the founding of Spruce Up earlier this year on GeekWire, we’ve heard a similar story from many of our fellow twenty to forty-some busy professionals:

“I’ve been scrolling through hundreds of websites, evaluating various brands and styles attempting to mix and match high with low to get a look that I love –with no avail. When are you launching Spruce Up as I need help from my personal stylist?!

Today, we’d like to introduce you to Spruce Up ! Spruce Up offers a creative, personal shopping service for all things home and design — powered by some smart artificial and human intelligence. High-touch, interior-designer assisted shopping brings the curation, selection and service of a specialty boutique to a modern digital experience, personalized to you and your home.


Here’s a little more about  Spruce Up

We gather information about you and your home, your style, color and material preferences, your budgets and your needs. You get a unique style read out that’s 100% uniquely you!

We’ve curated over 20,000 items from 50+ leading retailers and brands, from the well known to the unique and hard to find and our style prediction algorithms will match those products that fit each customer’s style profile, budgets and needs!

You get matched with your personal stylist – interior design professional who’s there to help you every step of the way. You get to chat with your stylist and provide photos of your space, Pinterest boards and tell more about your needs and preferences to the item(s) you are shopping for.

The Spruce Up styling fee is $25 and your stylist will hand-curate a mini-boutique of 12 perfect items in one setting to match your unique lifestyle. You remain in charge: buy what you love, all in one place – best price matching and free returns guaranteed!

Our vision is to apply data-driven design to help people surround themselves with the things that make them happy and to alleviate the stress associated with creating a home that’s uniquely you, and help you avoid those costly design mistakes. We do the work for you, so you can enjoy your zen.

Please try out our service and let us know if you have any feedback. What did we get
right? More importantly, how can we make this even better? Shoot us an email at:

If you’re a past or current Sprucer Upper, thank you for letting us be part of your busy
life, your beautiful home, and your unique journey. And if you’ve recently moved or
simply want to refresh your home, we can’t wait to spruce you up!

Go to: www.getspruceup.com to get started.


Wishing you all the best, Founder CEO, Spruce Up,

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