My current tableware situation.

My current tableware collection consists of:

  1. 7 ikea plates.
  2. 6 vintage mid-century plates.
  3. Random white bowls, origin unknown.
  4. Mason jars for glasses ( hubs has a  jar obsession)
  5. Some vintage diner mugs with different colors inside(my most favorite items)
  6. Various other cups & mugs with cheesy logo’s.

When the weather turns to fall, I get this desire to work on this insane assortment of tableware.   I have an elaborate replacement plan in mind and it’s been in my head for years.  I will lay it out for you:

  1. Keep the vintage diner mugs, get more on ebay.
  2. Find some modern black matte finish flatware.
  3. Find the perfect french block print linen tablecloth and napkins in France
  4. Go to France.
  5. Balanced it all out with some fun colored plates and earthy ceramic serving bowls

As you can tell, there are a few reasons this Spruce Up never happens! International travel is involved and also it’s never one of those  ’emergencies’ that  goes to the top of our household to-do list.

Table Top Collection (5).jpg

You know the list I speak of, right?  It includes, fixing the dryer, cleaning the gutters, make dinner, do the laundry (again), chase out the dust bunnies in the corner, excavate the strange items in the fridge, go to a thousand school events,  etc. repeat.

As my children get older and my time is more my own ( read: my teenagers don’t want to hang with me, a strange kind of freedom I actually don’t mind, ha!)  I have noticed that I have been ignoring little design details at home.  I realized that something as simple as  gathering a new tabletop collection would bring me joy every single day, especially since we love to have our friends and family over for meals. It is definitely a form of self-care.

What areas are you ignoring in your home right now because life is too busy? Have your bath towels turned a strange color? Is the art on your walls offering some inspiration as you walk by it or is it just taking up space?

Sometimes upgrading these little things make big upgrades to your happiness.


Image result for taylor diner mugs ebay

Ps. These are the vintage diner mugs I have from ebay. There are ones with blue, yellow and pink inside! These bring me joy every morning.

Screen Shot 2019-01-29 at 4.18.09 PM.png

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Uniquely You: Mid Century Modernist


Mid Century Modern design was driven by the sharp geometric angles, bright colors, and clean modern lines showing up in homes in the 40s-60s. It’s style has proven to be timeless, as it’s undeniable charm and aesthetic has gained popularity in recent years, Mid Century Modernists who feel a connection to that era can get their fix of retro decor without having to seek out expensive collectors items.



You’ll often find wood paneling and furniture in Mid Century Modernists’ homes. Wooden credenzas, table tops, shelving, any expansive surface that can be covered in a high-quality oak or walnut probably will be.


midmod 2

Mid Century Modern furniture tends to have simple, modern lines with emphasized curves and angles. Plain front cabinets, pedestal tables, and organic-shaped seating may line the rooms of a Mid Century Modernist’s house.

Often, Mid Century Modern spaces will have one clear color “mood” or feature decor vignettes that give a space a decisive attitude. Patterned wallpaper and fun lamps that provide lighting to both fit and create an ambiance help to give each room a story.



Bright “retro”-style color came into the spotlight with this style which is why a lot of vibrant, spunky people gravitate toward Mid Century Modern design. Mid Century Modernists make room for chaos and calm.

With flat-lined roofs and expansive walls popping up in architecture around the 60s, furniture and decor became the platform for inventive curvilinears and angularity. Mid Century Modernists today appreciate the playful, organic silhouettes found in Mid Century TV stands, tables, and chairs today.

Mid Century Modernists exercise a lot of restraint in letting their spaces do most of the work and leaving room for their furniture to breathe. Open concept floorplans and conservative decor allow for light to find its way to the center of the space and a feeling of interconnectivity to wash over the whole home.





Uniquely You: Updated Traditionalist

The cozy, homey vibe Updated Traditionalists achieve through attention to decorative detail is often sought after by homeowners wanting to create a setting perfect for both big family gatherings and chill movie nights in.



Updated Traditionalists take classics and energize them with unexpected styling. Rather than feeling the need to reinvent the wheel, they find simple and meaningful ways to add a modern touch to it. While they may still have an affinity for fresh cut hydrangeas, they may choose a cylindrical glass vase rather than a porcelain urn-shaped one.



Updated Traditionalist decor often compliments older homes with charm laid in their very foundations. Creating a chic and refined look is easy for Updated Traditionalists who see the beauty in homes with some character. Design choices centered around symmetry give them an air of humble perfection.



Calm costal and farmhouse motifs find a home in a Updated Traditionalist’s house. White walls and light wood lay the backdrop for soft florals, relaxed fabrics, and pastels. These spaces are not lacking in exciting visual interest, however. They often juggle light and dark in close proximity in ways that only an Updated Traditionalist could pull off.



Updated Traditionalism allows for a fresh, exciting take on the homes many of us knew growing up. This sense of familiarity and comfort makes for a house that feels like coming home, while still allowing for individuality and excitement.



Rather than playing up older pieces for their vintage effect, they make can make them appear elegant and cohesive among their updated surroundings.

Updated Traditionalist homes are a perfect place for family get togethers, first pets, and backyard pool parties. While lots of styles make innovation on the classics, coming home to an Updated Traditionalist house will always have a special cozy comfort.