Styling & Design Tips For Your Kitchen

by Fiona Kelly, Spruce Up stylist Your kitchen should above all else be functional. Set yourself up for success Arrange your kitchen to allow for easy access to everyday tools, gadgets and provisions so you can get on with your culinary creations. An efficiently organized kitchen will set you up for cooking success. Keeping frequently used items easily accessible will prevent you from hunting when … Continue reading Styling & Design Tips For Your Kitchen

Styling & Design Tips For Your Office

Working from home sounds like a dream to those who don’t do it. Though it does indeed provide flexibility and other perks it can also be challenging in terms of separating life from work.  One of the best ways to make a clear separation between a pending project and a pile of laundry or other non-job related tasks is to have a designated work space.  This does not require you to have a separate room in your home or apartment. In fact, it can be a converted closet or a nook in the kitchen. The goal is to create a mental separation between paying work and (non-paying) life chores by creating a joyful and productive area to focus.  The following list offers a few key elements for making this a reality. In general, things that appeal to you visually will inspire you. Truthfully, you don’t need to invest a ton of money to make you workspace look and feel great. Continue reading Styling & Design Tips For Your Office