Indoor plant guide & our plant box obsession !

It’s odd to be so excited about a plant box, but this one is really awesome. The Ferm Living Plant Box has been popping up on Instagram being used in so many different ways. We love how versatile it is. These sweet pieces are really great for plants but also are a great size for storage in a small space. They have accessories & inserts … Continue reading Indoor plant guide & our plant box obsession !

Brand Spotlight: Ferm Living

Spruce Up Spotlight: The lovely folks at Ferm Living work with artisans around the world from their base in Copenhagen, fusing their Scandinavian mindset with global skills and traditions. The result is furniture and accessories with a modern sensibility but with unexpected details, and we couldn’t be happier to add them to our list of partners. Start a Spruce Up today and ask your stylist … Continue reading Brand Spotlight: Ferm Living

My current tableware situation.

My current tableware collection consists of: 7 ikea plates. 6 vintage mid-century plates. Random white bowls, origin unknown. Mason jars for glasses ( hubs has a  jar obsession) Some vintage diner mugs with different colors inside(my most favorite items) Various other cups & mugs with cheesy logo’s. When the weather turns to fall, I get this desire to work on this insane assortment of tableware.   I … Continue reading My current tableware situation.