Celebrating International Women’s Day featuring our CEO and Founder, Mia Lewin.

International Women’s Day celebrates and recognizes the accomplishments of pioneering women across the globe.  We view this day as a call to action for all people regardless of gender identity, race or age to forge a pathway for future generations. Let’s start by seeing, acknowledging, encouraging and pushing ourselves and each other to think differently about the incredible power and potential of women and girls. 

In the future, there will be no female leaders. There will just be leaders.

Sheryl Sandberg  

Spoiler alert; equality is not a women’s issue. Every person benefits from a level playing field because when more voices are heard it creates a more diverse and thriving global economy which in turn provides more opportunity. Support women who are currently breaking boundaries and challenging institutional norms. Celebrate women who have fought to widen the path for those behind them, quiet the voice of self-doubt in your head and share your ideas with the world. Let’s treat every day like IWD. Honoring, encouraging and championing each other should be an instinctive part of our daily lives, not something we pause to contemplate periodically. If we want to make real changes we need to really change our actions and behavior significantly each and every day. 

In honor of International Women’s Day, we want to shine a spotlight on our truly badass CEO and Founder, Mia Lewin. We interviewed her about the challenges she has faced, advice she would share and the hope and insights she has about women in leadership roles.

Mia Lewin, CEO & Founder of Spruce Up

Question 1:  

What piece of advice would you give a woman starting out in your field or starting a new business?


Surround yourself with smart, capable people who do what it takes to help you succeed in making your dream come true.

Question 2:

The start-up world, tech, in particular, is a challenging environment for women to get their ideas heard, to receiving financial backing and, to be taken as seriously as their male counterparts.  What traits do you need to succeed as a founder in the start-up environment?


Tolerance for uncertainty and risk, tenacity, the ability to sell an idea and get people behind you.

Question 3:

If there was one woman, dead or alive, that you could go have happy hour with, who would it be and why?


RBG – well because she IS RBG! 

Collaborating and sharing increases our influence. Respecting ourselves and each other shows fortitude of character. We can make everyday International women’s day if we make the choice to lift up, support and engage positively with other women every day. Let’s do it!

Mia Lewin