Styling & Design Tips For Your Living Room

If your living room is where you hang out, entertain and generally spend most of your time, you’ll want to create a practical and inviting layout. Choose from the following suggested tips to get the most out of your living space.

by Fiona Kelly, Interior Designer & Spruce Up Stylist

Set up your furniture in a way that encourages conversation and don’t cling to furniture that doesn’t quite fit with the look or flow of the room. Your sentimentality doesn’t always translate to comfort or good design.

Pick a focal point

You’re focal point should be intentional not accidental. It could be an architectural element or a piece of art, a piano or perhaps the sofa but there should be something that anchors the room. This will be the thing that you build around.

Add accent pieces

Tables provide a surface for decorative objects, lighting and a place to set snacks when you’re binge watching Netflix. Choose a coffee table, side tables or both depending on your needs. Other accent pieces to consider are media storage, console tables and bookshelves.

Use color & texture to provide visual interest

Rugs are the perfect way to introduce texture. They also provide definition to your space. Win win. Here are some tips for buying rugs.

Choose a color palette that works well together.  It could include neutral shades of white, gray and beige or perhaps something more colorful.  The easiest way to select a palette is by letting items you already have guide you. Examine your artwork, fabrics, rugs or furniture. Pick 3-5 colors from these pieces and let those colors become your palette. Remove what doesn’t work and build around the rest.

Don’t forget to add comfortable pillows and throws for added color and texture.


Be thoughtful about your lighting. Overhead recessed lights and ceiling mounted lights provide brightness but do not illuminate a room in a warm and cozy way. Include a mix of floor lamps and reading lamps to adjust the brightness and mood. You can also bring focus to vignettes and other items of interest with accent lighting. 

Personalize your space

Once you have your foundational items, sprinkle in pieces that personalize your space.  Decor, artwork, pillows, photographs, pieces from you travels, instruments, the list goes on! Your home is a reflection of you and your journey.

Choose art that inspires you, or reminds you of a person or place that brings you joy.

A general guideline for hanging artwork is to center the piece at about 5′-5″ above your floor. It’s lower than you think, but works for all heights of people. An exception to this is if you are hanging artwork above a piece of furniture which will dictate the height. Typically leaving 6-10″ between the furniture and the bottom of the art piece is appropriate.

There you have it! A few tried and tested styling tips to get your living room in order. Log into your account or take our style quiz to shop your personalized living room boutique.