Styling & Design Tips For Your Kitchen

by Fiona Kelly, Spruce Up stylist

Your kitchen should above all else be functional.

Set yourself up for success

Arrange your kitchen to allow for easy access to everyday tools, gadgets and provisions so you can get on with your culinary creations. An efficiently organized kitchen will set you up for cooking success. Keeping frequently used items easily accessible will prevent you from hunting when you should be stirring. 

Your everyday dishware should ‘wow’

Strip your drawers and cabinets down to the everyday dishware, flatware and glassware. Ideally, you absolutely love these pieces. Does the color, weight and materials of these things matter to you? Think carefully about what you appreciate about these functional items when you are at a restaurant or a friends house. Recently, I was at a new sushi restaurant and the water glasses were s t u n n i n g. They were so simple, yet so superior to the mason jars we have at our house! Time for an upgrade I say. Function and beauty. A marriage made in heaven!


Kitchens don’t require mood lighting. They need bright, recipe-reading, chopping and cooking type lighting.  Some homes have ample recessed lighting in kitchens, but many older homes have center flush mounted lights that just won’t cut it for task lighting. We recommend adding smaller/modern track lighting, or upgrading your center flush mount light to a larger and brighter pendant.

If you have limited space, consider exposed storage as it creates a more open feel and adds less bulk than cabinets or free-standing closed storage. Wall hooks, open shelves and ceiling mounted pot racks are all great options. Invest in quality cutting boards, tea and coffee pots, knives, jars and canisters that can live on the counter and serve as attractive components of your kitchen.

Lighting and storage are the most important aspects of a functional kitchen but don’t forget a decorative or protective rug for standing at the counter. This will keep you comfortable when washing and chopping. Pick something with bounce or a patterned rug to introduce some flair.

All kitchens are unique so apply these tips as they are helpful for your unique layout. Consider your lifestyle and how these tips can help you realize your kitchen goals.