Styling & Design Tips For Your Bathroom

Some bathrooms are built with generous storage but for those without, be sure to include organizational items to store your everyday products and tools.

– Spruce Up Stylist, Fiona Kelly of Fiona Finds


Good lighting is a key element. Unless you’re soaking in the tub surrounded by soothing candlelight, you want a bright bathroom so you can tend to your grooming rituals in the best possible light. 


One easy way to change up the look of your bathroom is to have a variety of towels. Have two to three different sets on hand to swap out. Another option is to implement a color coded system with a unique color towel for each family member. Choose a palette and let everyone pick a color from light to dark! Bath mats can coordinate or contrast with your towels depending on your preference. The bathmat is a great opportunity to introduce a pattern if you are so inclined. Finally, either choose a shower curtain that makes a statement ( but complements your towels ) or stick with white. There’s nothing wrong with a black and white bathroom. In fact it’s a classic combination.


Accessories are sometimes overlooked features in a bathroom. Toilet paper holders, towel holders, soap dishes and tissue paper holders are useful or necessary and we offer plenty that are well priced, good quality and stylish.


It’s vital to have a good quality mirror in your bathroom. Larger than 18″ -24″ wide is appropriate for a bathroom. If you have tons of ceiling height, play it up by getting and oversized tall mirror. Circular mirrors make a nice statement. Mirrors can also introduce an additional place for storage.

You really don’t need much to make a bathroom functional and beautiful. Log in to take a look at your bathroom boutique to see what options we have available for you.