Styling & Design Tips for Kids Spaces

A kids room, like all others, should be functional.  It can be fun as well but you’ll want this to be a space that encourages rest and relaxation if it’s where your child sleeps. Read on for our tips to create an inviting and practical kids room.

by Fiona Kelly, Interior Designer & Spruce Up Stylist

Proportions and Layout

Your child may want a loft bed with canopy, desk, dresser, play house and giant bean bag but can you accommodate all those things in the space you have?  Don’t try to squeeze everything in. Keep it simple and choose furniture wisely then edit by removing unnecessary pieces. Leave room for their imagination and don’t create more clutter for yourself.

Color and Pattern

Take liberties by experimenting with color and pattern. Let your child share their vision and have fun with the space!


Create a separate play space outside of the bedroom for toys and other distractions. If you don’t have that luxury of space, establish places for play in the room and create a distinct sleeping area that is inviting and cozy for when it’s time to switch gears.


Open storage helps the room feel more accessible for your child.  Toys, books, pillows and and clothing will become part of the design scheme when out in the open.


Kids grow and change so fast. Fittingly, so do their preferences. Textiles are an easy and relatively inexpensive way to update the look of a room. Bedding, window treatments, and rugs provide great opportunities for updates as their tastes change.


In addition to overhead lighting, think about task lighting for bedside reading or play and perhaps a nightlight. Lamps need not be kids specific (though they can be). Sophisticated lighting will create a nice balance to more whimsical pieces in the room and can eventually be repurposed in a different room. Maybe both a fancy lamp and a playful lamp? You choose!

Hopefully these tips will help you in designing a warm, playful and practical room for your child!