Spruce Up Predicts 2020 Trends

Trends from 2019 combined with the what we are forecasting for 2020 have inspired us to coin a design term, Eclectic Minimalism. It is the perfect phrase to characterize a blend of understated design with eclectic details to establish a vibe that is both deliberate and inviting. It’s a style that combines clean modern lines and a stripped down aesthetic with just the right amount of cozy and unique elements. Think minimalism with a soft, layered feel.

It starts with taking stock of what you love, getting rid of what you don’t and filling in the blanks with functional and beautiful pieces that bring joy into your home.  It’s kind of what we’re all about at Spruce Up!

There has been a pivotal shift in the past few years towards more conscious, minimalist living and though we support that, it’s important to not lose sight of the personal, unique and sometimes colorful objects that make a house a home. A bold wallpaper or colorful patterned pillow could add just the right amount of oomph to an otherwise stark space.  Don’t be afraid of pattern and color. After-all, a mix of styles and elements is what makes your space inviting and approachable.

In no particular order here are trends we are predicting for 2020 that embrace the welcoming, eclectic, minimalist style.

Organic Elements

Stone, wood, rattan, wicker and natural fabric.  There is something grounding about these materials that brings comfort.

Classic Blue

Pantone’s color of the year 2020, “Classic Blue” is at once, comforting, neutral, approachable and grounding. It is also shown to be a unifying color that the majority of people can jive with.  In a divisive election year, a little unity would we welcome!

Earth Tones

Brick red, charcoal gray, sandy beige, greens and blue shades.  These colors evoke an array of emotions. Think calming blues, energizing deep reds, optimistic greens and reliable grays. Something for everyone.

Brass & Gold

Brass and gold remain the favored metal tones.  This is a trend that has been around for a minute and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon.

Color & Pattern

Don’t be afraid! It will add an eclectic element to a space when you introduce color and pattern with furnishings and decor.

Enjoy your personalized, shop-able AI generated boutique which has options just for you including many on trend pieces to bring into the mix.

Fiona Kelly, Interior Designer & Spruce Up Stylist & Curator