Spruce Up 2019 Year in Review

Gathering information from our style quiz, which thousands of you have taken, we’ve got home-grown data about what brought you joy in home design this past year. 2019 saw a continuation of the minimalist aesthetic that’s been prevalent on instagram.

Lots of white, furniture with clean lines, wood accents, texture and greenery.  You’re drawn to the relaxed and warm feelings that come from natural materials and you also enjoy simplicity.

You prefer inviting homes with travel-inspired items and bohemian pieces that reflect your appreciation for unique things but… ‘Scandinavian Chic’ reigned supreme with a 96% love rate. Here is more of what we uncovered in our 2019 data review.

  • 98% of clients love white. Are you surprised?
  • Cozy Classic and Scandinavian Chic got top billing with an over 96% love rate for each.
  • More than 80% are drawn to earth tones. They are so warm and comforting:)
  • 79% of shoppers prefer fewer, better things for their homes.
  • 66% are hunters and gatherers who prefer to collect things along the way.
  • 64% like their homes a little bit quirky.

How do we know all of this? Well, the Spruce Up style tuner integrated within the quiz, applies our proprietary style genome which uses over 10,000 data signals and more than 500 unique attributes built from the ground up by our data scientists and expert designers. Boom!  We’ve got the knowledge. No one else can provide the information we can and apply it towards helping you find products to create a home that is uniquely you. Turns out, we are as special and unparalleled as you!

Now that you know what we can do and how we can help, sign into your personalized boutique to check out what our AI has selected for you based on your quiz results. Stay tuned for our 2020 trend forecast which encompasses many of the elements you loved in 2019. Hooray!