How To Style Your Tabletop Using A Mix Of Holiday & Everyday Pieces with Cassandra Lavalle of Coco Kelley

For this project, I teamed up with a company some of you may have heard me mention before, called Spruce Up. They were perfect to partner with because their service is like having access to that good friend who is also a designer. You know, the one you’re always telling, “Hey, I need to have you over to my house to help me figure out what to do with this corner”. Yeah, that one.

Using a combination of AI and personal stylists, Spruce Up was created to help you hone in on your personal taste (through a quick style quiz) and do the shopping for you when it comes to challenging places in your home. There is huge selection of designer-curated products, and Anne and her team of stylists are experts at pulling together the perfect look to match your style and budget.

-Cassandra Lavalle

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A teensy tiny bottle brush tree sits on every dish as a quiet nod to Christmas. My sister kept reminding me to keep things simple, and so we did. I like this little touch that feels playful but classy at the same time.


The bowl was one of the first items I chose for the table. This piece is S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G in person. It could be used throughout the year for many purposes, but on our table, I decided to fill it with pinecones that I’ve tipped with gold leaf. Simple, easy, no fuss. And you can keep them year after year if you want! (I’ve had these for several years now!)


And then there’s these gorgeous coupes. Holy moly are these just lovely on this table! The ribbed glass gives them a vintage look, but the shape is 100% modern. I adore these! I found them through one of the more boutique sites that Spruce Up has partnered with, which makes them feel even more special and unique.


STYLING BY, Cassandra LaValle PRODUCTS BY, Spruce Up PHOTOGRAPHY BY, Meghan Klein

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