Get Cozy With Spruce Up

By Fiona Kelly, Spruce Up stylist

When you see catch-phrases and promotional material mentioning ‘Holiday Decorating’  do you think any of the following?

  1. I’m not a seasonal decorating kind of person.
  2. I’m not into themed decor.
  3. Seems wasteful and unnecessary.

Fall and winter ‘decorating’, is often marketed to focus on stereotypical holiday-themed items. Though festive decorations have their place, at Spruce Up we’d like to shake things up a bit and challenge the notion of seasonal decorating.

Imagine you’re on your sofa reading a book, watching TV, or snuggling with your partner and/or children.  The temperature is cooling outside, the leaves are falling and you’re pondering the cold months ahead while brainstorming about soup and stew recipes you’re going to prepare. Now, imagine your home with cozy elements that encourage nesting behavior while simultaneously making you want to reach out and share one of your culinary creations with friends and family.  You’re not thinking about pumpkins, garlands and wreaths made of leaves are you? You’re thinking about a nicely set table, a comfy blanket, a new rug to keep your feet warm and maybe the ambience of aromatic candles burning. This is what fall decorating means for us at Spruce Up.

It’s not about creating fanfare, it’s about the special elements that make a house a home. The transition of seasons is the perfect time to take stock and envision the months ahead.  Invest in pieces that you’ll enjoy through the season, year after year, not just for a few weeks before donating or hiding in storage. Avoid misusing resources and accruing clutter. Take a peek at our ideas for creating joyful spaces and envision your home with the specialty products we’ve hand-picked for you. Happy fall and get shopping!