Color Trend Report Issue#3: Mustard & Butter

Mustard and Butter. Yes, they are both condiments and recipe staples but just as their flavors are distinct these two shades of yellow imbue different emotions.  One feels grounded and the other more care-free. Mustard’s rich golden tone adds a strong accent to any room. It feels a bit more sophisticated that a bright cheery yellow (which has its place) and manages to be simultaneously bold and subdued. Butter on the other hand adds a sense of playfulness and softness.  This pastel shade is popping up on runways and will likely carry through as a hot color for spring in both fashion and home design.  

Fiona Kelly, Spruce Up Stylist & Curator

Yellow in all of its glory is the perfect color to brighten up your space.  It is complementary to most colors and depending on the shade can be cheery or sophisticated and quite possibly both.  Take a chance and add some yellow to your life.

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