Color Trend Report Issue#2: Light Blue

Though it can be exhausting to keep up with trends, sometimes a little direction can be helpful.  Here’s some counsel on what’s happening with 2019 fall color trends so you feel informed when making changes around the house this season.  I’m a firm believer that there is no authority on design and though there are experts who can certainly help the self-professed ‘person without a clue’ everyone should tap into their personal preferences when making a final decision about what does or doesn’t work for their environment.  With that, I present a selection of really scrumptious colors that work well applied in a variety of ways. Warm earth tones, bright bold hues and some more muted options. Something for everyone!  

Fiona Kelly, Spruce Up Stylist & Curator

Light blue feels airy and fresh. It is simultaneously bold and classic.  Think beyond an entire room painted in this hue but rather accents and accessories.  It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. A light blue door for an unexpected touch. Perhaps a throw pillow or an accent chair. 

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Why blue? Blue suggest characteristics of reliability and trustworthiness. Use blue to create a sense of thoughtfulness and sincerity. Yes, a color can evoke all of these feelings. Believe in the power of color.

Let’s dive into some products ideas for bringing this hot color trend home. Click the image to see the detail page & checkout.