Recipe for an inviting guest bedroom. 

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  • 1-2 Quirky Relatives
  • 1 Stylish bed. 
  • Comfort level depends on desired length of stay
  • 1 cozy blanket * an extra one is good too!
  • 1 soft set of sheets
  • 2 trendy throw pillows * more as needed
  • 1 mirror 
  • 1-2 mood lights
  • Throw in a dash of original art 



  1. Hand wash room thoroughly,  and don’t forget to get those dust bunnies from under the bed!
  2. Mix in blanket, sheets, and pillows until the bed is fully covered and looks fabulous!
  3. While the sheets are settling, fold the extra blanket in thirds and set aside. (it will be placed at the foot of the bed once the sheets have been tucked in)
  4. After the bed has been made, make sure you can see it by mixing in a few lights.  Use 2700k LED bulbs to save energy and have a warm glow. 
  5. Stir in some art and a mirror or two.  Art & mirrors should be hung so their midpoint is around 60” from the floor.


Calories: Zilch  

Portion size: 1 Weekend


Click the picture to shop the collection!( you must register your email first)