Forget perfection! Throw an awesome impromptu summer party.

I love a good summer holiday. It’s my favorite time to throw a party, mostly because my yard is bigger than my house! A perfect instagram worthy backyard party is a TON of pressure.

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My husband is very much a “everything in the house & yard should be clean &  perfect before people come over” kind of guy. When the kids were younger I realized our house & yard were often in a state of chaos and never neat & perfect. Because of this we wouldn’t host anything!

One day I invited our friends over without much advance notice. I had decided that what really mattered was just being together, not keeping up appearances. I decided I was going to make sure we had a clean bathroom and good food & drinks. The rest of the house was a wreck! Hubs was anxious at first, but the guests ( other parents of kids & teens) were so happy to be invited and happy to not have to feel bad about their less than perfect homes. 

UMA-sound-lantern-popularityIt set everyone at ease and we had a great time.

If you want to have friends over for a backyard party, just do it and don’t fret. You will make a bunch of people feel loved & included which is more important than perfectly clean houses.


Throw a killer impromptu backyard party- 

  1. Clean one bathroom for your guests. It’s the only ‘must-do’! Have this be the main thing you focus on if you just invited people over 5 minutes ago. 
  2. Don’t cook: Ask your guests to bring a dish or a drink in a theme. To make it fun, tell everyone to bring something of one color, or from one region of the world. 
  3. Make some iced tea: I just steep 5 tea bags, add some sugar & a bunch of ice. I put it in a large pitcher with some frozen fruit.  Everyone has some tea in the house right? ( add vodka as needed!) 
  4. Clean off some yard chairs or drag out some chairs from the house. 
  5. Don’t forget the tunes. Get your spotify playlist on – this one has some pure vintage american summer vibes

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