Case Study: Busy Tech Mom

selin side by side

What were your reasons for trying Spruce Up?

Good, authentic style is what takes a place from being a house to a home. And there is no better feeling than feeling like you arrived home. I picked my major pieces of furniture but was having a hard time adding in that layer of style that made everything feel personal and not a staged home. Spruce up’s personalization is exactly what I needed to bring all the pieces together into a cohesive style. 

What was your budget

I have done several rooms with Spruce up with a budget as little is $500 to $5000 depending on my needs. Love how flexible they are in terms of budgets/needs and my designer Elizabeth always delivered the right products at the right price. 

How was your experience with Spruce Up?

I am SUCH a happy camper! Honestly Elizabeth was 3000% better than designers I worked with in understanding my style, working with my budget, giving me endless options to choose from. Spruce up is such a no brainer! 

What surprised you about your Spruce Up?

How high quality the designers are and how many furniture companies they work with. I was not expecting a designer with such a good eye for trends and practical thinking (e.g. kid friendly suggestions). I also have worked with other online designer companies and quickly ended the project because of how limited their options were. I love the furniture companies they work with – they have the big chains as well as amazing boutique labels. 

Do you have a favorite item from your Spruce Up?

Do I have to pick one? I love the acrylic martini side table in my office from Horchow, the pouf in my living room from Ferm Living and the world’s softest rug in my family room from Article – shows how versatile Spruce up design services are. They nailed it on price, practicality and design! Every room I walk into literally sparks joy in me thanks to Spruce up. 

What space, furnishing or event brings you joy in your own home and why?

Summer and outdoor dinners with friends: I just saw that Spruce up now has outdoor furniture and cannot wait to Spruce up my backyard in time for summer bbqs. 

In a zombie apocalypse, what is the one home decor item that you would carry with you and why!?

Ahahah, my art pieces for sure. I love art and have some custom pieces that I would love to take one last look at before I get bitten and become a walking dead.