Color tips for breaking up with gray.

Color Tips For Breaking Up With The Color Gray

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I love the color gray, all versions of it make me very happy. Being a Seattle-ite, I obviously have an intimate relationship with this color. Sadly,  I have noticed grey being used as a ‘non’ decision in homes. It’s a bit of a default paint & decor color that has become a placeholder for not wanting to offend & for real estate agents, stagers and builders to use to be on trend. There is no dispute that using strong color that makes your soul happy can change the way you feel in a profound way. Happily,  I am noticing that people are ditching gray and getting bolder with picking strong color. If you are one of these people who is ready to take the leap but you need a little hand-holding, here are some concepts you can try.



Start with art.  Buy a piece of art/ or identify an item you already own that you love.

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Try to pick out 3-5 colors in the artwork and use that is the base for your accent color palette in your home. I like to go to the paint store and grab paint chips that match those accent colors. I throw them in my bag so that when I am shopping I can refer to them.




Be brave. Take a leap and be bold when you are painting your home!

I like to take color risks in smaller rooms like powder rooms and guest rooms.

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  Choose the actual color you like on the paint strip.If you go up the wheel to the lightest version you won’t be satisfied with the result. If you are not feeling brave enough yet, go ahead and paint the walls a neutral or warm white and buy your furniture or a blanket in that color you love.




No matchy-matchy.

One common deflating mistake is trying to match everything to everything else. 

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You match yourself into a corner of a very limited palette. Always include 5 colors you like together as a base for your decor, and make sure there are 2-3 neutrals. Make sure to include 2-3 neutrals and at least 3 color families. If you are not sure where to start, use a site like Design Seeds to browse color palettes that are inspired by nature.