Bring the inside outside!

How to create a cozy outdoor lounge space.

Boho outdoor Living (1)

  1. A rug

Set a weather resistant rug under your seating area to define and anchor the space.

  1. Seating

Lots of options here people!  The main items should ultimately be upholstered as they are the most inviting and lounge-worthy. There are several durable and fade resistant outdoor fabrics on the market so you are not limited to wood and plastic.  Think sofa or loveseat for those summer afternoon naps. Add a lounge chair or two for reading and include some mobile seating like bean bags and ottomans for flexible seating arrangements. You’ll want to be able to shift some pieces around when you host the next BBQ. Benches and stools are other great options.

  1. Mood Lighting

String lights will instantaneously add ambience to your out door space.  Hang lights from a pergola, tack them along the wall, weave them into an open umbrella. Whatever works. Be creative! Votives and lanterns are other lighting options.

  1. Fire

Think safe and controlled.  Bonfires and fire pits function as gathering places to talk, stay warm, giggle and tell ghost stories.

  1. Planters    

Whether you have a garden or not, planters are an ideal way to showcase your green thumb skills. Get fancy with colorful annuals or keep it simple with simple greens and birchwood.  The perfect way to add natural color and beauty to your patio or apartment balcony.

  1. Personalize!

Set your space apart with decorative accessories you love and use your unique design sense to combine elements. There is no right way.  You do you. Just make sure you have refreshments and a place for me to sit;)