At Spruce Up, we’re focused on finding j

At Spruce Up, we’re focused on finding just the right products for our customers. These incredibly soft pillows from Seattle-based @mementostylemix are hand-dyed with hibiscus petals to impart beautiful natural color to a textured cotton or velvet fabric. Paige sources vintage and handmade textiles from around the world for pillows and throws. Each piece has a hand-crafted story; vintage hand-woven ikat blankets sourced from the many small islands of Indonesia and vintage Belgian Linen are turned into pillows. Natural dyes like hibiscus and indigo are used to bring depth and character to textured fabrics. These carefully-chosen textiles will add warmth and dimension to your home.  To buy, take our fun and easy style quiz, which will pair you with one of our interior stylists.  Ask them to add these pillows to your Spruce Up today!

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