Uniquely You: Vintage Industrialist

Vintage Industrialist style comes organically and can feel as if its achieved by no specific stylistic choices at all. This is attributed to both the laid back mindset of a Vintage Industrialist and the relaxed look and feel of the pieces in their home. They make striking a balance between moody and welcoming interiors look like a piece of locally-sourced cake.



Vintage Industrialists take the time to do things the old fashioned way. Whether it’s listening to music on a record player or CD (I know, ancient, right?), french pressing their coffee, or developing film, rejecting a fast-paced gotta-have-it-now mentality is an essential part of what gives Vintage Industrialists a sense of fulfillment.



Greys, beiges, and browns don’t feel unwelcoming or cold to a Vintage Industrialist. Rather, this simplicity can feel earthy, natural, and relaxed, creating an ambiance that reflects their lifestyle.



Vintage Industrialists see the beauty in pieces with some wear and tear. They understand that life isn’t clean and perfect and their choices in style reflect that. You may find distressed leather, exposed beams, brick, and piping, or second-hand items in their homes.



Urban loft and relaxed rustic cabin-like themes fall within the Vintage Industrialist umbrella. This means you’ll often find decor that reflects the way people spend their time outdoors: hiking, fishing, hunting, rolling around in leaves, whatever you’re into.



Gravitation toward raw metal, natural wood, and exposed lighting is typical of a Vintage Industrialist. Refining pieces down to their elements and functions becomes style.



Their homes might double as a workspace, photography studio, or gym, without necessarily having separate spaces for each. Vintage Industrialists who work from home might find the more organic light wood look to help boost energy and productivity, while a clean-cut dark wood could also keep them focused.

Keep on keepin’ on vintage industrialists… and don’t forget to go try out that new coffee shop down the street!