Uniquely You: Contemporary Glamourist

Contemporary Glamourist style is an updated take on traditional elegance. It allows for some indulgence and has a pampered-like effect, which makes for a relaxing place to come home to after a long day.



Contemporary Glamourists exercise a keen sense of the trends of the past while keeping their mindset modern. Their spaces elegantly link traditional furniture and the best of what the current era has to offer. Button-tufted velvet upholstery and chandeliers that produces a warm glow, paired with an acrylic coffee table. How do they do it!



Contemporary Glamourists love to entertain and spend time indulging in the things and the people they love. They may host Oscar viewing parties, game nights, and cocktail parties, which might include artsy-looking cocktails in crystal glasses and appetizers on a silver serving tray.



Contemporary Glamourists may find themselves gravitating toward white and gold decor that shimmers and shines, or black and blue decor that is moody and austere. Both approaches can create an elegant and classy atmosphere that feels like absolute luxury.



Glamourists who gain inspiration from the Marilyn Monroes of the world strive to live their best lives and be their best selves. An easy litmus test for assessing the Contemporary Glam-ness of a space: can you picture Audrey Hepburn lounging around it with one of those long cigarette thingys? Yes? You’re on the right track.



Glamour is certainly not inherently feminine. Bold, saturated color, whether it’s baby pink or forest green is a sign of an emboldened, sophisticated design mindset.



Contemporary Glamourists are hard workers who enjoy the finer things in life. Similarly to the way fashion and art influences culture, it may drive their sense of self and style. An appreciation for that which defines an era often shines through in their home decor.