Uniquely You: Artful Eclectic

Artful Eclectic style calls out to dreamers, creative thinkers, travel enthusiasts, young-at-heart-ed old souls, and everyone in between with a story to tell and a home that reflects it.



Artful Eclectics bring the outside in. Live plants, natural light, and raw and woven wood provide a feeling of connection and tranquility that outdoorsy guys and gals vibe with. Creatives may find inspiration in the way nature produces intricate beauty with ease.



Vintage, thrifted, and flea market finds give Artful Eclectics the chance to learn the story behind a piece and make a personal connection with the items they surround themselves with. Memories made during travel, or even just a weekend out with friends can be kept in a woven basket or jewelry box that caught their eye while they were exploring.



Justina Blakenly, boho home designer extraordinaire believes that “beauty lies in contrast and diversity.” Creating a playful and cozy space through immersion in multiple colors, patterns, and textures may appeal to an Artful Eclectic for that reason.



Some Artful Eclectics achieve a feeling of whimsy through vibrant, busy interiors, while others keep tones muted and textured. The point is, free-spirited Artful Eclectics, if you dig it, do it.



Artful Eclectics may find joy in capturing beauty- literally through photography, or represented in their art, music, or writing. The idea of what is beautiful and meaningful often drives their design and decor choices. They find it worthwhile to give attention to small moments and objects that bring them happiness.



DIY and re-purposed decor that highlights elements of their passions is a great way Artful Eclectics remind themselves and pay tribute to what drives them. Vintage records or art made by a friend displayed on the wall, coasters made of slices from Christmas tree trunks over the years, fashion-driven bohemians may find inventive ways to organize and display their accessories.

Artful Eclectics immerse themselves in the colors that paint their picture. Expression of diversity within individuality is what makes their house a home.