Uniquely You: Modern Minimalist

Modern Minimalism, a lifestyle rooted in simplicity, appeals to those seeking to un-complicate their life. While their style choices may transcend categorization, they choose to incorporate everything in moderation.



Modern Minimalists live mindfully and intentionally. The pieces they pick are often designed with the same values. A “quality over quantity” mindset is essential to a Modern Minimalist; having fewer things often means that the things they do choose to have embody value and bring them joy.



Given the choice, they may go with low-maintenance design: easy-to-clean surfaces, self-watering planters, simple bedding. Rather than finding an organizational system for their things… they’ll simply have less things! Modern Minimalism may not be for the overly sentimental, but a decluttered, conservative approach can leave time and space for more important things.



Scandinavian simplicity inspires Modern Minimalist design. Neutral, subtle patterns and colors schemes help contribute to the sleek, serene vibe minimal homes have. Rather than feeling like these elements are boring or bare, Modern Minimalists appreciate the opportunity to clear their mind.



Modern Minimalists might not even spend much time at home at all. They may travel or go out often, spend lots of their time outdoors or enjoying quality time at friends’ houses. When they do come home, they can find their zen and decompress away from the sometimes overwhelming bustle of modern life.



Modern Minimalism appeals to the eco-conscious, as it allows people to have a smaller footprint a produce less waste. For those who have a smaller footprint not by choice, minimalism can remedy some of the challenges that come with a smaller living space

Having a simple, decluttered home can be an essential part of living a calm, slower life. Maintaining a simple, decluttered home, however, is a conscious choice made by mindful minimalists every day. And it’s not easy. The result is a space that allows for location flexibility, peace of mind, and relaxation in style.


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