Color tips for breaking up with gray.

Color Tips For Breaking Up With The Color Gray

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I love the color gray, all versions of it make me very happy. Being a Seattle-ite, I obviously have an intimate relationship with this color. Sadly,  I have noticed grey being used as a ‘non’ decision in homes. It’s a bit of a default paint & decor color that has become a placeholder for not wanting to offend & for real estate agents, stagers and builders to use to be on trend. There is no dispute that using strong color that makes your soul happy can change the way you feel in a profound way. Happily,  I am noticing that people are ditching gray and getting bolder with picking strong color. If you are one of these people who is ready to take the leap but you need a little hand-holding, here are some concepts you can try.


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Start with art.  Buy a piece of art/ or identify an item you already own that you love.

Try to pick out 3-5 colors in the artwork and use that is the base for your accent color palette in your home.

I like to go to the paint store and grab paint chips that match those accent colors. I throw them in my bag so that when I am shopping I can refer to them.


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Be brave. Take a leap and be bold when you are painting your home! I like to take color risks in smaller rooms like powder rooms and guest rooms.  Choose the actual color you like on the paint strip.If you go up the wheel to the lightest version you won’t be satisfied with the result. If you are not feeling brave enough yet, go ahead and paint the walls a neutral or warm white and buy your furniture or a blanket in that color you love.


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No matchy-matchy. One common deflating mistake is trying to match everything to everything else. You match yourself into a corner of a very limited palette. Always include 5 colors you like together as a base for your decor, and make sure there are 2-3 neutrals. Make sure to include 2-3 neutrals and at least 3 color families. If you are not sure where to start, use a site like Design Seeds to browse color palettes that are inspired by nature.





Bring the inside outside!

How to create a cozy outdoor lounge space.

  1. A rug

Set a weather resistant rug under your seating area to define and anchor the space.

  1. Seating

Lots of options here people!  The main items should ultimately be upholstered as they are the most inviting and lounge-worthy. There are several durable and fade resistant outdoor fabrics on the market so you are not limited to wood and plastic.  Think sofa or loveseat for those summer afternoon naps. Add a lounge chair or two for reading and include some mobile seating like bean bags and ottomans for flexible seating arrangements. You’ll want to be able to shift some pieces around when you host the next BBQ. Benches and stools are other great options.

  1. Mood Lighting

String lights will instantaneously add ambience to your out door space.  Hang lights from a pergola, tack them along the wall, weave them into an open umbrella. Whatever works. Be creative! Votives and lanterns are other lighting options.

  1. Fire

Think safe and controlled.  Bonfires and fire pits function as gathering places to talk, stay warm, giggle and tell ghost stories.

  1. Planters    

Whether you have a garden or not, planters are an ideal way to showcase your green thumb skills. Get fancy with colorful annuals or keep it simple with simple greens and birchwood.  The perfect way to add natural color and beauty to your patio or apartment balcony.

  1. Personalize!

Set your space apart with decorative accessories you love and use your unique design sense to combine elements. There is no right way.  You do you. Just make sure you have refreshments and a place for me to sit;)

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Fathers Day Gift Giving Guide.


How do you find that perfect gift for the design savvy dad in your life?

Our stylists worked this week to find the best ones and dish on their top picks. Here are 3 ideas to get you inspired!

#1 Tools 

Spruce up the minimalist Dad’s kitchen by gifting him some stylish cooking tools. Our Father’s Day Spruce Up has some great tools from some of our favorite brands, Ferm Living & Hawkins NY . We think marble rolling pins, wooden kitchen utensils,  and some stylish brass measuring cups are great ideas. There’s nothing quite like the satisfying feeling of using a well made and well designed tool when you set out to do a job. This is what Dad’s really love. 

#2 Tech

It is 2019, so getting your Dad some tech savvy gifts is an obvious choice. We are not talking about your everyday tech gadget. The Spruce Up stylists are psyched about tech that is integrated into everyday objects. For example, Pablo designs has a wireless portable lantern for camping with a bluetooth speaker integrated. It sets off a nice glow on your campsite, tailgating party, or beach bonfire.  We also love Adesso’s desk lamp that has a base for wireless charging of your phone. At a recent trade show, the stylists noted that tech is integrated more and more into furnishings.  It’s a great design challenge to do this well, so we are constantly on the lookout!

#3 Function & Form

In Seattle, there are many bike commuters, and we found this super simple & functional bike hanger that would make them all swoon. It comes with a tray for your phone and keys. It’s really well priced and honestly, is one of those things that makes life easier, and is not about being flashy. It’s one of those gifts that an active Dad would use until it broke and then in 25 years he would try to build one himself to replace it!.


It’s a short list, but we think that if you stick to these themes when shopping for Dad, you will be sure to get him something meaningful and not wasteful. 

Shop our Father’s Day collection now at Spruce Up. Sign in or sign up to shop!

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